Joint SMA/LIP6-NII WorkShop on Multi-Agent and Distributed Systems
22 January 2018
Room 105, Corridor 25-26 (1st Floor), LIP6, Paris


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This year (2018) NII-LIP6 Workshop is the 11th edition of a series of bilateral workshops, in the context of the collaboration between LIP6 SMA Team and NII Honiden Lab, started in July 2004. This year's focused topics are self-adaptation and smart cities. Invited speakers will also present current trends in related multi-agent and distributed systems domains.

The content of the previous workshops can be found at: NII-LIP6 Workshop Series Website


Jean-Pierre Briot <contact> (SMA/LIP6), Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni (SMA/LIP6), Kenji Tei (NII) and Shinichi Honiden (NII).

Tentative Schedule

  • Social event : Diner from 19h to 22h at "l'Atelier Maitre Albert"

Other Participants

  • Shinichi Honiden (NII)
  • Lom Messan Hillah (MoVe/LIP6)
  • Jean-François Perrot (MoVe/LIP6)
  • Agnieszka Gandolfo (NPA/LIP6)
  • Peter Frech (NPA/LIP6)
  • Maha Abdallah (SMA/LIP6)
  • Zahia Guessoum (SMA/LIP6)
  • Aurélie Beynier (SMA/LIP6)
  • Vincent Corruble (SMA/LIP6)
  • Cédric Herpson (SMA/LIP6)
  • Nicolas Maudet (SMA/LIP6)

JPB,CH, 18/01/2018