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  Patrice PERNY

Professor at "Pierre et Marie Curie" University (UPMC, Paris 6)

Head of the "Decision, Intelligent Systems and Operational Research" department (DESIR)
Computer Science Laboratory of Paris 6 University (LIP6)

LIP6, UPMC, Case 169, 4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris, France

e-mail : patrice [dot] perny [AT] lip6 [dot] fr

Tel : +33 1 44 27 70 04             Fax : + 33 1 44 27 75 89


  •  decision making under uncertainty and risk
  •  multicriteria decision making
  •  multiobjective combinatorial optimization
  •  social choice and group decision making
  •  preference modelling, preference elicitation, graphical models
  •  decision support systems
  • My research area is Decision Theory and its applications in Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. More precisely it concerns preference modeling, multicriteria optimization and group decison making, decision under uncertainty and risk and algorithmic decision theory. On the one hand, we work on the elaboration and the analysis of new models to describe or simulate complex decision making behaviors; on the other hand, we produce algorithms allowing the fast determination of preferred solutions in combinatorial decision problems. The applications concern decision support systems (rational preparation of important human decisions) and automatic decision making (autonomous decision agents).


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  • Recent Academic Projects

  • CoCoRICo-CoDec (2014-2017) (Computational Social Choice): ANR project supported by the National Research Agency (ANR)
  • ELICIT (2014-2015)(preference elicitation): IDEX project Sorbonne Universit´es under grant ANR-11-IDEX-0004-02)
  • Member of the International Research Group (GDRI) on Algorithmic Decision Theory
  • GUEPARD (2010-2013): ANR project (Multiobjective Optimization), supported by the National Research Agency (ANR)

  • Teaching

    ANDROIDE Master cursus in Computer Sciences, UPMC University (in French "AgeNts Distribues, Robotique, Recherche Opérationnelle, Interaction, DEcision").
  •  Lectures in Artificial Intelligence (Master level)
  •  Lectures in Operations Research (Master level)