TerraNeon (2021/2024)

Simulating the impact of individual ecological practices on the climate

The objective of this project is to build the basis of a simulator of the impact of human activities on the climate and in particular global warming; more precisely the impact of Individual Ecological Practices (IEPs) (e.g. sorting waste, eating less meat, not flying anymore, etc). This is why we propose to build a multi-agent model of the adoption (or not) of these IAPs, including a model of individual decision, and social influence processes (opinion dynamics, diffusion of innovations), inspired by the models you have already developed on these subjects. We will then couple this model of individuals with a climate model, obtained in collaboration with specialists in climate modelling. In this way, we will be able to study in detail the threshold effects of IAP adoption and also evaluate the effectiveness of incentive policies for IAP adoption.

PI: Jean-Daniel Kant

Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence

My research interests include long-term autonomy, coordination, learning and decision making.