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Postal address Christophe Gonzales
LIP6 - département DESIR
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Case 169
4, Place Jussieu
F-75005 Paris, France

A short curriculum vitæ

2008-Now Full professor at Paris 6 university. I am currently conducting my research activities in the Decision Theory team, "DEcision making, Intelligent Systems and Operations Research" department of the Computer Science research lab of the university, a.k.a. LIP6.
1997-2008 Associate professor at Paris 6 university, Decision Theory team of the Computer Science research lab of the university, a.k.a. LIP6.
1993-1996 PhD thesis in Decision Theory, conducted at the LIP6 under Professor Jean-Yves Jaffray's supervision. My work was twofold. First, it consisted in weakening the solvability assumptions guaranteeing additive representability of preferences and, second, I had to provide new elicitation procedures for these utilities. [summary], [whole thesis (french)]
1992 DEA (equivalent to an MSc in Computation) in «Computer Science and Operations Research», Paris 6 university.
Engineer diploma in computer science, Institut d'Informatique d'Entreprise - Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Evry, France.

What am I currently doing? (I was also wondering)

  • As mentioned above, I am currently professor at Paris 6 university (a.k.a. university Pierre et Marie Curie) and I perform my teaching duty in the Engineering faculty of the university.
  • Beside my teaching activities, I am doing my research work in the «laboratoire d'informatique de Paris 6» (LIP6), which is the computer science research lab of the university. Within this lab, I belong to department DESIR (Décision, Systèmes Intelligents et Recherche Opérationnelle) and, within DESIR, I work in the Decision Theory team.
    I still work from time to time on additive utility functions, but currently my main research field concerns graphical models for Decision Making, and especially Bayesian and GAI networks (see my research interests page for more details).
  • I am co-head of the Artificial Intelligence master of Paris 6 university.
  • With Pierre-Henri Wuillemin, I develop the aGrUM library.
  • For the fun (but is it really so fun?), I form with Pierre-Henri Wuillemin DESIR's web development team, and more precisely, I am in charge of DESIR's publications web site.