Spyros Angelopoulos

Some recent talks (2014)

  • London School of Economics, Management science seminar
  • Dagstuhl Seminar: Analysis of algorithms beyond the worst case
  • Workshop on Graph Searching, Theory and Applications (GRASTA)
  • Journ√©es Franciliennes de Recherche Op√©rationnelle
  • I am a permanent CNRS Researcher (CR1) at the Operations Research group of LIP6 at the University Pierre et Marie Curie.

    I obtained my Ph.D. at the CS department of the University of Toronto. I was also a postdoc with the Algorithms and Complexity groups at the University of Waterloo and the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science.

    My main area of research is algorithms for problems of incomplete information, from problems rooted in theoretical computer science to applications in AI and operations research. More specifically I have worked on the following areas:

  • Seminar of the OR group

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